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Personal website of Antonio Cruces Rodríguez, in support of the development and research of iASD, iArtHis_LAB Software Development, the technological branch of iArtHis_LAB Research Group, of the Art History Department of the University of Málaga.

PhD in Art History by University of Málaga. Expert degree in Telematics Engineering by Polytechnic University of Valencia. Master in Telematics and Telecommunication Networks by University of Malaga. Public official technical advisor from the Education Counseling of the Junta de Andalucía (retired). Currently is honorary collaborating professor of the Art History Department of the University of Málaga (Spain), with venia docendi.


If you want to know more about HD+, participate in any iArtHis_LAB project or collaborate with iASD, do not hesitate to let us know.

Universidad de Málaga. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Departamento de Historia del Arte.

Bulevar Louis Pasteur, s/n. Torre 2. Despacho 221. 29071 Málaga (España)

+34 952 131 690 (L-V 09:00-15:00 CET)

antonio.cruces@uma.es ⁝  nro@uma.es

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What stays here

HD+ acts as hosting for projects and websites, sometimes i a temporary basis only, as an intermediate step for a final stay in iArtHis_LAB.

Why I work with open source

I am, as a programmer and computer science professional, a strong supporter of the use open source in my projects. From an privative academic point of view, whoever wishing can find good reasons for it here, and if we are talking about a commercial point of view, Google can do the same. But, broadly, and in my particular case, it is a mere personal decision: I prefer to encourage others to follow paths I have already traveled, improving and widely exceeding any development I have been able to make. I firmly believe in human progress as a long ladder, the steps of which are resting over those who have gone before us previously did, and I aspire to nothing more than to enable others to have as much fun as I have by designing cheap, affordable and simple software to solve complex problems.